Thursday, 22 April 2010

How to grow a big one!

Top Tips on Growing Pumpkins from our Garden Manager John Lanyon

- Choose the best site - they like to grow in an open sunny place where they get sun all day

- They like to be warm - do not plant your plant out until the temperatures have risen, the beginning of June I reckon but down here in the right place you could start a couple of weeks earlier

- Soil - veg gardening is all about the soil - it needs to be well dug - this basically fluffs it up, allows the root in and holds onto water and nutrients

- Feeding - these guys are best feed 2 ways - heavily incorporate well rotten manure when digging your plot and then liquid feed every three weeks when the plant is growing

- Let them flower and then wait until the best fruit sets - not necessarily the first, you will sense which one is going to be the best because it will develop the quickest and look keen - then cut the others off

- Then water and water and water your plant and it is the luck of the draw after that

I am looking forward to meeting you and your champion in the Autumn!

ps the most important thing is to enjoy the whole thing and share your fun with others.

Mr John Lanyon
Gardens Manager
Trelissick, Glendurgan, Trerice and Bosloe
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