Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Essex Pumpkins Doing Nicely!

Tamasin, please see attached Emma and Maryann Cooke’s pompions growing in Kelvedon, Essex on 20th May and 26th June, sorry we didn’t get the pictures over to you quicker. As you can see they are growing nicely.

Regards, Kevin Cooke

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Libby and Moo's Pumpkins in the Ground!

Libby and Moo have been out an planted their pumpkins. These pics were taken on June 6th. Sharon writes:

Hi Tamasin,

These are Libby and Moo Hart’s pumpkins. Taken a while ago. We will send you some updated pictures when we get a chance. The girls are good at watering them most days.


Sharon Hart

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Joe's Pumpkins are in the ground!

"Hey Tam,I discovered the pumpkins section of the Trerice blog and thought I'd contribute some pics of my own handiwork. These were grown from seeds I acquired from the Food Glorious Food campaign at Trerice." Joe
How are your's growing? Let us know!
The Trerice Team

Elle Charlton Pumpkins in Leeds Ready to Plant Out

Elle Charlton in Leeds emailed us and said:
Hi, I have some pumpkins growing, and I live in an apartment with a balcony, I know they need planting in a big pot soon but how deep?I know some roots can grow pretty deep, so I'm wondering what size I should go for?
Also I've attached a photo :) This is day 9.
Ellie Charlton

Tam Battell Writes:
"Hi Ellie, your pumpkins look really healthy so this is good. It looks like your first true leaves have not yet begun to show on your pumpkins ( you probably know that these have more angles and are a spikey to touch) but they do look like they will be needing more space to grow soon. They will need plenty of light now so you are right to be thinking of putting them on the balcony.
Your pumpkins will need a large pot the largest pots that you can reasonably fit on your balcony really. It may be that you only grow 2 or 3 of your pumpkins to full size as a result. Pumpkins are hungry feeders so they will need a rich and fertile soil with plenty of organic matter. A good all round multi-purpose compost will be good, but because they will be in a container (and slightly stressed) as a result I recommend that you liquid feed your pumpkins once a week. Seaweed fertiliser is readily available at garden centres and will give your plants a teriffic boost.
Do not allow your pumpkins to dry out in their pots, when you water, don't water the leaves. Water the plant at the base of the stem.
I would recommmend that you train your pumpkins up some kind of strong support or alternatively you could allow them to trail out of the pot and down on to the ground. Pumkins tend to grow long runners with lots of leaves on.
If you need any more help during your pumpkin growing fun, just let me know."

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Time to Plant Your pumpkins Out Yet?

Are your pumpkin plants ready to plant out? Harden them to the elements for a couple of nights first by leaving them outside in a sunny protected spot.

The fear of frost is now past. Plant your pumpkins in well prepared soil with plenty of well rotted organic matter added. Plant one metre apart, to the depth of the original soil level in the pot.

Water frequently. Feed with liquid feed weekly. Water the roots not the leaves!

Check your pumpkins, why not put down beer traps to prevent the little critters eating your plants.